Allister Vale

Inquisitor of Pharasma



Lawful Neutral





Special Abilities
Inquisitor Abilities

Lawful Neutral



Common, Infernal


Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 8


Allister is a 6’0" 190 man. He has black hair and gray eyes. He is a dark figure clad in blackened metallic armor that is mostly obscured by his billowing black cloak. Allister wears a shield and morningstar slung across his back and keeps his crossbow close at hand. On his hip he wears a finely crafted dagger adorned with the symbol of Pharasma on the hilt. Allister’s face is sunken and gaunt making him look older than his age. He expression is one of seriousness. His business-like demeanor can be off-putting at times as can his tendency to see the world in black and white.

At a very young age Allister discovered he had the ability to ward others against imminent death when he saved his childhood friend following a grievous injury. Shortly thereafter Allister’s father sent him off to a monastery in Absalom devoted to the teachings of Pharasma, the Lady of Graves. At the monastery Allister was taught to channel his ability to affect the ebb and flow of life. He was also taught to understand those that oppose Pharasma’s will and to kill. He sees himself as the vessel through which the Lady of Graves exacts her will; thus, he views those who tamper with the cycle of life or fate as deserving of punishment.

Allister can often be found in the company of Lumasta, a cleric of Pharasma who he met while living at the Pharasma monastery. He views her as his counterpart. Allister views himself as a representative of Pharasma’s “death-side” and sees Lumasta as a representative of Pharasma’s “life-side.” Allister often disagrees with Lumasta about how best to approach situations, but always respects what she has to say given her station. Allister has also developed a complex relationship with a man named Amadi who in Allister’s mind is also a vessel of death for Pharasma. Allister met Amadi while training at the Pharasma monastery. Allister recognized Amadi’s abilities as potential gifts from Pharasma (or unfortunately Urgathoa). Amadi was a devotee of no deity so Allister took it upon himself to try and help Amadi use his powers in the service of Pharasma despite their potentially malevolent Urgathoan roots. Allister, who had aligned himself with the Osirion faction through a trusted mentor at his monastery also introduced Amadi to the Osirion faction so that the organization might help Amadi in developing and understanding his powers.

Allister was “scouted” by the Pathfinder Society because of his unique talents and expansive knowledge regarding a range of topics. Allister agreed to enter the society as an initiate because he saw the potential to continue to learn and gather resources in the service of Pharasma. He views each assignment as an opportunity to both develop his abilities and carry out Pharasma’s will.

Allister Vale

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