Aram Zey

Master of Spells at Grand Lodge in Absalom


Neutral, Human, Wizard 11


A thin Keleshite wizard in his middle years, Aram Zey distinguished himself in his youth as a radical arcane theorist, positing almost blasphemous new concepts about the fundamental nature of magic and spellcasting, and later went on to make several important discoveries in Geb and Nex. He originally joined the Pathfinder Society as a way to gain access to its libraries and to better publicize his own magnificent discoveries, eventually being promoted (some say against his will) to his current post as the Society’s Master of Spells. Gruff and taciturn, Aram makes his disdain for his students known at the slightest provocation, especially regarding those without the spark or diligence for magic. All initiates are forced to attend his basic trainings on safe handling of magical items and traps, as well as recognizing the different spell schools and forms, with those who seek additional arcane mysteries invited to study further under him. Despite his acerbic wit and general cantankerousness, Aram continues to accept his position year after year, for reasons no initiates can fathom.

(Taken from Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets)

Aram Zey

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