Erly Bellison

Good hearted street urchin who believes he is descended from nobility


What you knows bout Erly Bellison is that e can do anyfing. You names it, e does it, just like at. [snap!] Now, from trainin wif ol’ Erly, you know that e’s growed up around Absalom, spent is whole life there, practically speakin. Runnin fer spies and thieves and what not, w no mamma or pappa but the streets, you see, and that’s all right. e dont like followin rules. e dont like havin to peel taters every night acause of he didn follow some rule that master Zey give us. In fact as soon as hes got a little say around this organization hes gonna tweak ol Zey’s beard, that’s what e’s gonna do. and if it wasnt fer Master Farabellus gettin Erly out of the occasional scrape and trouble, he’d likely not be here tonight on this last little run. Which will be a piece o cake, Erly assures you most definitely. Because you’ve got Erly wif you, and don’t nothing ever go wrong when Erly’s there. And when it does, which it dont, e fixes it anyway.

Erly is very good wif is pals, which you lot all is. e’s got a soft spot in his heart for a poor bloke or a lass, or a kid. e was a kid hisself just three year ago, when they brought im in here off the streets. 15 e was. very rough, wif nothing to save im but the fact that, as I said, Erly can do anyfing. Now why, you might ask, would a person so skillful as ol Erly join in a society like is one right here? Because these folks say you can go and see the whole world by workin for em. Plus its good grub and roof over yer head every night, which Erly does not think too lightly of, not at all. Master Farabellus is a sharp tack, e is, and e’s seen the dark side o the moon, that one has. Someday Erly’s goin to have a fine frilled collar and is own horse, and a servant to bring him whatever he pleases, all the cakes and ales he wants, served up real nice on a glass plate and not a worm-eaten ol wooden trencher like Master Zey allus give us.

Speakin a future success, you know that Erly’s goin to make it big acause of his skills but also looks and charm. Looks and charm, I says! And you’ve all seen it, so don’t deny it. W that shiny black hair combed back from is handsome face, and o those sharp sideburns and nice jaw. Loverly. All the ladies swoon when they sees Erly. It’s no big tale that he’s a little smaller o stature than some other human blokes. Nothin at all. Your dwarf is short, see, and Erly’s a lot taller than one o them. And to top it off, e’s got those blues eyes that look purple in the right light. You know what that means, and so does Erly – e’s got royal blood in him. That he does. Blood o the old houses of Taldor. Erly ought to be a king today, a king! And iff’n you’ve cause to say it ain’t true, you’ll feel Erly’s Starknife – beloved weapon of Erly’s Goddess, beautiful Desna of the stars, and a gift of Master Farabellus.

Erly Bellison

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