Eshe "Mwangi's Hope"

Druid from the Mwangi Expanse


You know that the golden-skinned, golden-haired, golden-eyed girl is from the Mwangi Expanse. Her given name is Mwangi’s Hope, but she prefers to be called Eshe. You have never seen a Zenj or any other Mwangi or even any other person with a similar appearance. You know she noticed that you stared when you first saw her because you have learned to catch the habit she has of slightly turning away from someone whose eyes linger too long and make her uncomfortable, which seems to happen more often than not. She carries a finely crafted scimitar that you have seen her treat as carefully as some mothers treat their infant children, and she wears simple clothing and only leather armor.

You know that before she came to Absalom, she had lived for some time on her own, traveling within and without the edges of the Mwangi Expanse. In fact, a pathfinder named Murdock observed her and recruited her and still remains close with her. Another creature she’s close to is this small, smelly beast, a wild boar who answers to the name Earnest when Eshe calls (and only when Eshe calls – you’ve tried it, and he won’t answer to you). She carries a small pouch tied to her waist, and you’ve seen her cozy up with Earnest, talking about different items in the pouch. You’ve overheard stories about Maata and Nasira and her mother, about adventures, about the Jambala Jaeg (whom Eshe seems to revere), and you’d swear the boar understands everything Eshe tells him, even when you don’t. As she talks, he just looks at her so… earnestly.

Your own relationship with Eshe has been slow to start. You’re not certain that she dislikes people, in general, as much as it is that she distrusts people, in general. Specifically where you are concerned, you think that she trusts you – enough shared exercises in training have helped to foment that trust, of course – in the right circumstances, but if liking you means wanting to be around you outside of training and practice sessions… you’re less certain that’s the case.

In ranged combat practice, you’ve seen Eshe pull from the pouch any one of the numerous small items in it and fling it, often quite effectively, at a target. You’ve seen her love for animals and knowledge of plants, her enjoyment of a spring rain and wonder at a snowfall. On occasion, you have benefited from (or been the target of, depending on the practice session) the magicks she can perform. When you’ve gotten up early, you’ve seen Eshe sitting in the pre-dawn light with Earnest snuggled next to her, sharing a quiet moment, and she looks more peaceful and serene than you’ve usually seen her. If you’ve caught her as this time draws to a close, you’ve seen the shift from serene to determined run through her body, changing her face and the way she carries herself just the tiniest bit.

You know Eshe has approached training with as much patience as she can muster, but over the last year or so she has grown fidgety and spoken about how she feels chained to the lodge and simply wants to travel again. You know she feels prepared for and looks forward to this confirmation because she feels prepared for and looks forward to moving on as a pathfinder.

Eshe "Mwangi's Hope"

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