Kreighton Shaine

Master of Scrolls at Grand Lodge in Absalom


Chaotic Good, Elf, Divner 7/ Loremaster 3


The Pathfinder Society’s most eccentric dean is Master of Scrolls Kreighton Shaine, a Forsaken elf who most Pathfinders agree is brilliant, if not entirely sane. A scholar all his long life, Kreighton has watched empires rise and fall from behind piles of books and scrolls, and his meandering lectures are sprinkled with random facts that most sages have long forgotten. Under his tutelage, students are encouraged to pursue whatever branches of history or study most intrigue them, learning those languages, arts, and other skills that come in most useful along the way. When not leading a class through ancient scrolls, Kreighton can often be found wandering through the gardens with one shoe on or only one arm through the sleeves of his coat, talking to himself or conducting intricate experiments to test theories known only to him. Yet despite Kreighton’s strange mannerisms, anyone who spends significant time with the scholar finds his insights and observations uncannily astute.

(Taken from Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets)

Kreighton Shaine

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