Pathfinder Society Chronicles

Confirmation at Blackros
The first adventure.

After three years of intense training in a range of disciplines, Amadi, Erly Bellison, Eshe “Mwangi’s Hope”, and Lumasta were called upon to complete their confirmation as full-fledged Pathfinders. The party was called upon to investigate Blackros Museum, which had recently been over taken by a mysterious mist. Adril Hestram asked the party to investigate the museum, remove whatever was plaguing the site, and save the curator Nigel Aldain if at all possible.

The group found the museum to be cursed by an ancient Mwangi idol called a Tik Taan, a creation of the demon-god Angazhan. The group eliminated the minions of Angazhan, saved most of those possessed by the Tik Taan’s cursed mists, and freed Nigel Aldain. Their heroic acts led to improved relations between the Pathfinder Society and the previously estranged Nigel Aldain.

Following the task of freeing Blackros Museum from the Tik Taan curse, the party was granted full-fledged membership into the Pathfinder Society.

Notable moments included:

  • Erly was enchanted by the Tik Taan mists and became a slavering primal fury-filled creature. He remained violent and rage-driven until being knocked unconscious by a massive ape named Da’Tunga.
  • A room of undead coaxed into unlife by the Tik Taan were quickly dispatched when Lumasta brandished her holy symbol and channeled Pharasma’s will.
  • Amadi harnessed the power of his curse which led to oversized protruding bones erupting from his body offering protection from Da’Tunga. Amadi’s frail body absorbed blow after blow and remained unharmed.
  • Eshe wielded an ancient Jambala Jaeg jade kukri against the Tik Taan and struck the blows that broke the cursed idol’s hold over Blackros Museum and the primates therein.
  • Lumasta was “kissed” by a vile Vargouville and began changing form over the evening. She was cured of the disease by cleric’s at the Pathfinder lodge.

For their efforts, the Pathfinder Society opened their vaults and made the following items available for purchase:

Cracked mulberry pentacle ioun stone (400gp)
Feather token, bird (300gp)
Jambala Jaeg Cloth (scroll of break enchantment) (1125gp)
Scroll of cure moderate wounds (150gp)
Scroll of dispel magic (375gp)
Scroll of false life (150gp)


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